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The SolFlex 3D printer family consists of 3D printers of various print volumes. Depending on the production units and manufacturing needs, the SolFlex portfolio offers the suitable solution for each enterprise.


The next level for your Dental Laboratory needs. Every millimetre was designed, engineered, built, and assembled to the most exacting performance standards.


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  • Choose depending on your print volume needs
  • Technology
    UV-LED DLP® / Wavelength: 385 nm
  • Operating Temperature
    18 – 28° C / 64 – 82° F
  • Power Requirements
    100 – 240 V / 50/60 Hz / 80
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Explore Full Range
Explore Full Range
  • Choose depending on your print volume needs
  • Layer Thickness
    25 – 200 µm / 0.001 – 0.008 in
  • Pixel Size
    370: 70 µm / 0.0028 in
    450: 50 µm / 0.0020 in

The system has been developed together with Luxinergy. This systems do not come with the moving DLP technique, but dual DLP which includes 2 Projectors in parallel.

  • 2 Different systems
    Choose depending on your print volume needs
  • Light Source
    2110: 4K, dual DLP
    2162: 2K, dual DLP
  • Pixel Size
    2110: 110 µm
    2162: 162 µm

The patented FlexVat is specially designed to minimize peeling forces during the printing process, resulting in a highly efficient print job. The silicone foil for the powervat and the flexvat has been developed by Starlim Sterner, a leader in the silicone field.

Patented VAT Technology

Excellent printing results.

The unique and innovative moving DLP design allows you to print out large scaled objects with high resolution. In addition, the 3D printers are equipped with the newest generation of UV LEDs and precise UV optics, ensuring fast printing speeds.

Highest precision.

Moving DLP Light Projector

The UV Light Dosage Monitoring Unit controls the process parameters, simplifies remote maintenance and ensures repeatable results.Fast printing process.The patented VDFS (Vat Deflection Feedback System) monitors and controls the separation process and thus saves up to 40% of manufacturing time.

Stable printing process.

Sensor Monitored Production

" ...from both a lab and clinical perspective, I would give it almost a 10 on 10. As long as the recording medium is accurate, the print is remarkably faithful."

Dr. Vikram Kavi - Thistle Dental

using a SOLFLEX SF650

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Explore our wide range of resins from market leading manufacturers


Explore Full Range


Explore Full Range


Explore Full Range

Chemists, dental technicians and materials engineers from the VOCO R&D department are masters of the molecules and their discipline - all of which meet the requirements of dental resins.

SolFlex 3D printers are open systems and grant flexibility in terms of resins. Besides the SolFlex resins, also 3D printing materials of other manufacturers can be processed with SolFlex 3D printers.

KeyPrint 3D printing resins are specifically formulated for the dental industry, and can be used for a wide variety of applications, including modeling, surgical guides, investment molds, and occlusal splints.

" ...Our W2P printer has completely changed the way we look at additive manufacturing. The prints are a fantastic quality, the potential this printer has goes far beyond anything we have used before."

using SF650 with the PowerVat

Richard - Thistle Dental

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