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Innovation meets fascination


Every innovation starts with an idea. You need the courage to question everything and the drive to never rest on your laurels.

At Dentsply Sirona, this is the journey we take with all our innovations and in everything that we do. We strive to offer you the best possible experience with every new generation of our treatment centres.

How do we achieve this? By focusing not only on what is important today, but also what will be important tomorrow and for years to come. We combine design and function to create smart solutions equipped with digital workflows to give you even more treatment and workflow options. In other words: By taking a holistic approach to innovation.

Because innovation meets fascination when everything works together seamlessly, letting you concentrate fully on your patients.

Innovation meets fascination.

And dental treatment becomes an experience.

Axano is synonymous with an exceptional treatment experience. The excellent combination of innovation, intuition and the benefits of a modern treatment centre that can be tailored to your needs. Regular software updates ensure that your treatment centre will remain state-of-the-art, today and in the future.

Smart design

Axano combines a smart design with a high degree of comfort and innovative treatment functions. Sleek lines, Ambient Light and Smart Touch combine to create a modern, elegant design.

Excellent workflows

Axano offers you excellent workflows that make treatments more comfortable and more efficient and hygiene processes more reliable, facilitating extensive benefits for your practice and your patients.

Digital experience

When ease of operation enhances satisfaction: The innovative Smart Touch user interface offers you a digital experience that can be adjusted to your personal needs.

Smart design

Performance meets inspiration.

Treating patients is enjoyable with Axano.

Design meets performance.

And you combine function with elegance.

The Axano dentist and assistant elements boast an innovative, elegant and minimalistic design built for exceptional quality and efficiency. In addition, the new large graphic Smart Touch display with a modern, easy-to-clean glass surface makes treatments intuitive. The integrated Ambient Light adds delicate colour accents to your practice and features customizable colour settings that you can adjust to compliment theexisting lighting concept.

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