Radiography Course 1 – What, Where, When, WHY & How


On successful completion of this course:

1 hour verifiable CPD will be awarded – In line with the new 2018 EGDC  verifiable standards. A certificate will be issued to the learner on completion of a short assessment. You will also receive a Reflection log sheet. This allows you to reflect on your learning experience and can be used with the certificate as verifiable GDC evidence. You will need to gain 80% of the total marks.   To help us to continue to improve future training and course structure, you will be requested to complete a short feedback form.

Why complete this on-line course?

Radiography and radiation protection are aa GDC and health & safety recommended subject. (If you are qualified to actually take radiographs, then CPD in this subject is a requirement by the IR(ME)R regulations).

Radiation is dangerous and therefore essential to understand. By acknowledging the danger, hazards and risks involved, allows us to gain an understanding of the safety measures and why must be put in place and adhered to. This will also explain the importance of the legislation and guidelines.

The course covers:

  • Facts and definitions
  • Basic physics
  • Producing
  • Processing images
  • Digital radiography
  • The reasons for taking and using radiographs in dentistry
  • Types of films

Course mapping and links

After successfully completing this course, you can use your training and course certificate for demonstrating compliance and evidence within the following:

  • GDC Developmental outcomes – C (Required for verifiable evidence with new ECPD GDC)
  • GDC domains – Clinical, Professionalism and Management and Leadership
  • The learning outcomes for this course are linked to the following GDC standards.
    • Principle 1 – Put patients’ interests first. Standards 5, 9
    • Principle 7 – Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills.
    • Standards 1, 2, 3
    • Principle 8 – Raise concerns if patients are at risk. Standards 1, 2
  • The CQC fundamental standards

Course Aims, Objectives and Outcomes


The aim of this course is to help learners understand how radiation and x-rays are transform into a dental image thus recognising the important factors of gaining an excellent dental image.

The course will look to improve the learner’s understanding of the different stages of producing and processing an image, right through to the different types of films, why they are used and what they are used for.


  • Explore how x-rays are produced
  • Reflect on the nature and effects of ionising radiation
  • Explain the stages of producing and processing images
  • Consider the types of radiobiological damage that can occur to the body
  • Discuss the type and purpose of taking certain types of radiographs


After successfully completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Select the correct film for a certain image requirement or purpose.
  • Summarise the key stages of producing and processing radiographs
  • Apply the correct processing techniques when processing a radiograph
  • Describe the effects of radiation and the damage that can occur.


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