Societe Generale Dental Equipment Financing

Are you considering purchasing dental equipment? Did you know that you can save your cash flow by spreading the cost of the equipment on a dental equipment finance plan. At Wrights we strive to support all your investments, renovations and upgrades, thanks to our Laboratory and Dental Practice Financing team.

Financing a Dental Practice or Laboratory has never been so easy, thanks to our finance partner Societe Generale Equipment Finance: a global leader and award-winning funder for the provision of vendor and equipment finance for businesses.

Dental Equipment Financing

Your patients, your practice and specially you, deserve the best dental equipment and technology advancements. Thanks to our partnership with market leading manufacturers, we are able to provide the latest and most efficient instruments for Dentists and Lab Technicians. Equipment typically financed can include:

In addition, consumables can also be financed alongside equipment. Up to 20% of the total order value can be considered if you wish to spread the cost across the life time of the agreement.

Whatever your financing requirements, at Wrights we have the people and services to deliver them, thanks to our partnership with Societe Generale. Our Dental Equipment Financing products available include:

Hire Purchase Dental Equipment Financing Option Hire Purchase Equipment

Ideal for businesses wanting to own the asset at the end of the finance period. With a hire purchase option you can also finance the VAT across the term of the agreement.

Finance Lease Dental Equipment Financing OptionFinance Lease Equipment

Best suited for businesses not wanting to own the asset, but needing to have the ‘use’ of it for a fixed period of time. Leasing dental equipment also provides the opportunity for timely upgrades of the equipment/technology.

Finance Lease Dental Equipment Financing OptionPractice Refurb Loan

Societe Generale can offer a loan facility to customers who wish to refurbish their practice.

Terms – We can offer terms of 1 – 7 years.

Need more information? Let us explain the Benefits of why your business should finance with Wrights and SGEF.

  • Any make of equipment/technology can be financed
  • Pay as you use’ avoiding high upfront capital costs
  • Increase your competitiveness and productivity with new equipment/technology
  • Retain any capital for other investments in your core business areas
  • Financing enables you to acquire more equipment than a cash purchase – you get more for your money
  • Affordability – enables investment in multiple assets at the same time
  • Any existing credit lines with your bank(s) remain unaffected
  • Improve your cash flow – budgeting is made easier as repayments are predictable and can be fixed or flexible
  • Inflation proof rentals which are generally tax allowable
  • Competitive funding rates with flexible payment terms
  • Prompt, efficient and experienced team ready to help you
  • Payment structures available to match “your business” cash flow
  • Leasing Life award winning funder since 2010

Finance for business purposes only. All finance quotations are subject to credit underwriting and approval. Over 18s only. Terms and conditions apply.  Finance is provided by Societe Generale Equipment Finance Limited. Societe Generale Equipment Finance Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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