Whether located in a dedicated plant room or within the dental surgery, these vital pieces of equipment are often referred to as the “heart and lungs” of the dental practice. Investing in high quality vacuum and compressor equipment is extremely important when you consider the hassle and expense of a potential equipment failure during a busy day full of patient appointments. It is important to choose a vacuum and compressor that fit your practice today, and can accommodate for future practice and staff growth.


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cattani-turbo-smart-a-2Turbo Smart ‘A’

Turbo SMART is a semi wet suction system with INVERTER control. It is our most versatile suction system known for its consistent high performance and can be supplied in many configurations to suit your suction requirements. Their superior design, mechanical precision and robust components result in all SMART suction systems being backed by a 3-year parts and labour warranty.

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cattani-turbo-smart-2vTurbo Smart ‘2V’

Turbo-Smart 2V is the first direct replacement for any wet-ring system, suitable for up to 4 surgeries producing 300mbar negative pressure and capable of running continuously, (adequate cooling required) +5˚C – +35˚C.

Existing pipework will not need replacing.

By reducing the negative pressure to 210mbar with suitable diameter pipework, this system is capable of running up to 6 surgeries. Turbo-Smart 2V will operate from a 230V 13A supply.

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durr-vsa-300sVSA 300 S

Perfect combination: Suction and separation
The VSa technology developed by Dürr Dental combines the complex system of suction unit, separation and amalgam separation in a single unit and on one drive shaft, the VSA 300 S, especially suitable for one-room surgeries.

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