General rules for Practices to consider, should they be closed for extended periods.

Vacuum Systems

Cleaning of suction systems using Orotol – Directions of use can be found at:

Cleaning of suction systems using Puli-Jet directions of use can be found at:

Ensure the correct amount of solution is used as advised by manufacturers.

Ensure the solution flows through all suction hoses including the cuspidor (spittoon) bowl.

After cleaning procedure run suction for a further 5-10 minutes. This ensures the cleaner makes it all the way to the suction pump and helps internal parts dry prior to hibernation.

To help prevent seizure you can remove the inlet filter and run the suction motor the use of WD40 sprayed into the inlet filter area whilst suction pump is running, this will coat the internal parts of the suction motor helping the prevention of seizure.

Dental Chairs / Treatment Centres

Health Technical Memorandum 01-05: Decontamination in primary care dental practices (HTM 01-05)


Resources for treatment centre manufactures:

In line with daily /weekly practice infection control policy found on HTM 01-05, clean down and purge/flush handpiece tubings with manufacturers recommended solution. Flush vacuum lines with manufacturer-approved solution for guidance – please refer to vacuum systems section.

Ensure that the water bottles are removed and left inverted to dry fully.  Remove and replace oil collector gauze where applicable, clean all hard surfaces with recommended solution by manufactures.

Clean all suction and spittoon valve filters on dental chairs / treatment centres, disconnect from mains power by unplugging or by turning of the fused spur.

Decontamination Equipment

W&H Equipment Important Information

Autoclaves – Preparation for extended period of inactivity

  • Fully drain ALL water tanks (clean water and used water)
  • Leave drain taps open
  • Switch off RO water feed (if applicable)
  • Leave clean water reservoir lid open (if applicable)
  • Leave chamber door open
  • Switch off autoclave and unplug from the mains

Autoclaves – Preparation for first use after extended period of inactivity

  • Close water tank drain taps
  • Switch on RO water (if applicable)
  • Clean chamber, door facing and door seal with clean water (do not use chemicals)
  • For NSK iClaves, perform cleaning cycle with cleaning tablets as per instructions
  • Perform Vacuum Test (if applicable)
  • Perform Steam penetration test – ie Helix or Bowie & Dick (if applicable)
  • Run at least one full cycle with an empty chamber (chamber furniture only)

Washer Disinfectors – Preparation for extended period of inactivity

  1. Ensure chamber and door are clean and dry
  2. Switch off cold water feed
  3. Switch off demineralized water feed (if applicable)
  4. Remove detergent pump hoses from chemical bottles (if applicable), and seal all bottles.
  5. Empty detergent reservoir (if applicable)
  6. Leave chamber door ajar
  7. Switch off mains electricity supply

Washer Disinfector – Preparation for first use after extended period of inactivity

  1. Clean chamber and door facing with clean water
  2. Reconnect electricity and water supplies (cold feed and demineralized water if applicable)
  3. Insert detergent pumps into relevant chemical bottles (if applicable)
  4. Fill detergent reservoir (if applicable)
  5. For Smeg washer disinfectors, run cycle 16  before running full cycle (06)
  6. With an empty chamber run full cycle with drying (if applicable)


Bien Air Resources:

W&H resources:

Remove handpieces and couplings were possible and clean, lubricate, and sterilize. Ensure that all reusable dental instruments are cleaned, disinfected, in accordance with HTM 01-05.

Compressed Air System

Drain any moisture from the receiver tank via the drain valve or tap. Once tank is empty, switch off compressor via plug or fused spur.

X-Ray Systems

Intraoral – Switch off X-ray via fused isolation switch. Once switched off, continue to wipe the unit down, making sure to dry afterwards.

Extraoral – Close down any X-ray software if applicable.   Switch off unit via the fused isolation switch, wipe down and dry the unit.

Digital X-Ray Processing – Close down the associated X-ray software and then shut down the unit by the dedicated power button followed by wiping and drying down.

CAD/CAM Systems

Milling Machine – Close down any associated software.   Remove any burs from the unit, clean the milling chamber, remove and clean the water tank. Switch the unit off.

Intraoral Scanner

Close down the software and shut the unit down, continue to wipe down and dry.

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