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2pro® – Saves you time and money!

Spin into action with Premier Dental’s 2pro disposable prophy angle! Our 2-in-1 angle does double duty for you and your patients!

Directa Dental – Luxator® LX Mechanical Periotome

Setting a new standard for trauma free extraction, the Luxator LX mechanical periotome offers improved safety, precision and access.

Safer extractions with minimal tissue damage, the Luxator LX Mechanical Peritome helps access hard to reach areas. The self directing, reciprocating movement allows the periotome tip to follow the root surface and enables a secure cutting of the fibres in a patient friendly way, reducing the risk of bone damage. With a reciprocating tip The Luxator LX Mechanical Periotome will only cut when under pressure, which means no risk of slipping. The titanium coated tip is a durable tip
and remains sharp.

4 reasons to use Luxator® LX Mechanical Periotome

1. Optimal access
2. Atraumatic extractions
3. Vertical reciprocating tip
4. Self directing tip

Traxodent® – #1 Choice for Tissue Management

Looking for a better solution that delivers quicker haemostasis and retraction…plus a better patient experience too?  Award-winning1 Traxodent is the #1 choice2 among dental professionals because it works fast, helps capture accurate impressions and rinses away easily.  No film residue—no worries!  Use it alone, with cord, or a retraction cap for greater gingival deflection.  And since Traxodent doesn’t irritate or discolour surrounding tissue, patients leave happier too.  Predictable results and reduced chair time.  Every time.